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[YouTuber's Hamfest 2020] State of the Hobby Survey with Dustin N8RMA


[SevenFortyOne] 2020 State of the Hobby Ham Radio Survey


2020 State of the Hobby Survey

Greetings fellow operators! First and foremost, I hope everyone is staying healthy out there. The COVID-19 global pandemic has, for better or worse, certainly cause a large amount of change in the world today. While I was originally hoping to release this survey mid-March, due to the pandemic response I was forced to change this up. I trust many others have had to make similar adjustments, so I hope folks understand. That said, the time has come for the survey to be released! I wanted to ensure I could devote the proper amount of time to promoting and administering the survey before I released it. Things have calmed down a bit in my world and I'm ready to do that. If you have not had a chance to see the results from previous surveys, they are available here: 2018 2017 2019 The survey this year is 100% anonymous (which was common feedback I received) and any demographic questions are optional - this data does help me drive better analysis but is completely optional.

2020 State of the Hobby Postponed

I wanted to drop a quick note out to those who follow our communications. Due to the increasing and radical changes in daily life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 State of the Hobby survey has been postponed. Please subscribe for more details on when the survey will be released. Stay safe out there and God bless.

Welcome to 2020!

Greetings fellow operators! I hope 2020 finds you well and excited for another year in amateur radio! I wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know I've already begun work on the 2020 State of the Hobby survey, which will hopefully be released in mid-March. I typically kick the survey off when March begins, but this year I will be traveling during that time. I want to be able to devote the appropriate level of time to the survey so will prep ahead of time and release mid-March. Be sure subscribe (if you have not already) to the blog to get an email notification when it's released. I wanted to go over a few things for 2020, both what has changed and what has stayed the same. What Has Changed Anonymity - This survey can now be taken completely anonymously. You can provide a call if you'd like, but it's not required nor is a Google sign-in. I suspect there will be many attempts at data manipulation (there has been every year I've done this) and working w