2019 State of the Hobby Results

Radio amateurs have spoken and the results are in!

I truly hope you read and enjoy the report below. It represents approximately 120 hours of blood, sweat and tears each spring, donated out of love for amateur radio and a sense of duty to help in some way. Share these results with your clubs, ham friends and family, and most importantly challenge them (and yourself) to use the information to enact positive change. We all know this hobby isn't one we can do solo - it's in our best interest to improve and grow it each and every year. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture either - to quote the greatest movie ever, Contact, starting the marvelous Jodie Foster, "small moves Ellie, small moves". Do something small within your community or club to positively promote the hobby and create that ripple.

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Now, on to the report!

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  1. Thank you for your hard work very informative.

  2. Enjoyed the results with some surprising percentages (e.g. thought the repeaters that are not used or sparsely used would be higher).

  3. Thank you! For next year... maybe a breakdown of the ages of the "Hams in Training" so we can see the age distribution of would-be hams. Also... please display links in color vs the same color as the surrounding text.

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